Guy Skydives Without a Parachute, You Won’t Believe What Saved His Life (VIDEO)

When we first saw this video, we thought to ourselves, “There’s no way this could be possible!”

The stuntman, who decided it was a clever idea to skydive without a parachute, somehow lands safely on a trampoline and lives to tell the tale.

How in the world could someone survive such a fall?

According to the people in the video, Travis survived thanks to a “geomagnetic positioning system” which used “the magnetism of the Earth” to guide him towards the minute 3×5 gap in a building ceiling to reach his target.

The team was also allegedly using a “special reinforced trampoline” to absorb the force of the skydiver.

Say what?

Of course, after the watching the video, you’ll realize that it was all set up as part of advertisement for two trampolines parks. No one could ever survive such a fall.

Despite being let down, we have to give these guys some credit for all the work they put into the making of this clip.