How Sleepdriving Changed This Woman’s Life Forever

The last thing Kelly Jackson remembers was saying goodnight to her grandmother and going to bed. However, that is not the last thing that happened to her on May 18, 2013. Kelly can recall having sleep walked when she was younger, and that is the only possible thing she can think of that happened the night that changed her life forever.

It was in the middle of the night when Kelly got into her car, while still wearing her pajamas, and drove off. Later, she horrifically crashed into a tree. The crash resulted in Kelly spending three weeks in a coma, having her right leg amputated and having multiple surgeries to reconstruct her face.


Kelly spoke with the Birmingham Mail and despite her circumstances this 26-year-old has kept a positive outlook.

“I have no memory of being in the car or the crash itself, I suspect I will never really know what happened but one thing I do know is that I am lucky to be alive.”

Going on trying to live a normal life, Kelly also admits she is sad to see one thing go. “I know it sounds silly but I am only 5 feet tall and I used to live in high heels so I’m gutted that I will probably never wear a stiletto again,” she said.

Today Kelly is healthy and is even set to ascend down a Hilton Hotel in support of a fundraiser to donate money to all those who have helped her recover.

According to Fox News 3.6 percent of people sleepwalk regularly, and WebMD says it is a stage in between a deep sleep and lighter sleep.

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