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The 6 Best and Worst Sleep Positions For Your Health

We all have a preferred position that we end up sleeping in night after night, but what does that position say about us, and most importantly, our health? You may be surprised to learn that our nightly posture can have a big effect on how we feel — could yours be doing you harm? Here are the best and worst sleep positions for your health.

The Fetal Position

best and worst sleep positions for your health
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This is the most common sleeping position – 41% of people say it’s their favourite. However, it is also one of the worst for your health. It can cause back problems with stress placed on the lower back, as well as joint problems. Drs usually suggest avoiding this position as your shoulders and neck should be aligned while sleeping. If you really can’t avoid sleeping in this position, many experts suggest sleeping with a pillow between the knees to alleviate stress on the joints.

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