This Trick Promises to Help You Sleep in Less Than One Minute

When we’re struggling to go to sleep, we have a few techniques we turn to. Warm milk and honey has always helped, as has listening to relaxing music.

But while those methods work most of the time, we’ve never heard of the trick that helps you clock in the zzz’s quite as quickly as the ‘4-7-8’ method.

Made famous by Dr.Andrew Weil, a holistic health expert, this breathing technique gets to the heart of the cause of most stressed or anxious people’s sleeping struggles:  under-breathing.

According to helloU, folks who are stressed often have short, shallow breaths, and often even unconsciously hold their breath. The ‘4-7-8’ method forces you to breathe effectively and lets you take in more oxygen, releasecarbon dioxide from your lungs, and slow down your heart rate to help you become more comfortable.

HelloU claims this method “will instantly relax your heart, mind, and overall central nervous system because you are controlling the breath versus continuing to breathe short, shallow gasps of air.”

This is how you do it:

Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds.


That’s it. This will help you slow down your heart rate, produce a relaxing chemical-like effect on your brain, and most importantly help lull you to sleep.

Try it the next time you have trouble falling asleep and let us know how it works for you.