SLIDESHOW: 10 Most Romantic Ice Skating Rinks in the U.S.

Want to feel that sensation of defying gravity? We’re not talking about your body flying through the air — at least, not totally — we’re talking about sending your spirit soaring through a good, old-fashioned romantic encounter.

Where might that be? In winter?

Look, just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean that love is gone for the season. In fact, a winter ice skating trip can be one of the most inspired locations for planting the seeds of love. If you’ve ever been on the ice with someone you cared deeply about, then you know that nothing compares to holding the hand of someone you love and taking them gliding. Ice skating actually helps you relax, feel the cold breeze on your face, where you are forced to stay in the present moment while spending some quality time with your significant other. In fact, ice skating rinks are known to be one of the most romantic places during winter season.

The slideshow above features some of the most beautiful, romantic ice skating rinks in North America. If you can’t visit one of them directly, Google your nearest location. Then grab your thick leggings, warm jacket, gloves, and skates because it’s time for your and your special someone to have some one-on-one fun.

Still looking for love? Who knows, maybe your soon-to-be better half is there looking for you!

And if the winter weather isn’t for you, no problem.┬áIt will be Spring again before you know it.