SLIDESHOW: Hilarious Photos of Cats Doing Model Poses

You may not have known this, but models and cats have a lot in common. Perhaps it’s their beautiful uppity nature, their obsessive cleanliness, those long legs that seem to stretch to heaven and back, or that wonderful side-eye that’s either beckoning you closer or throwing shade. Who can say for sure.

But perhaps the most interesting similarity, as we see it, is their tendencies to strike bizarre poses that most of us would never even attempt.

So, with that in mind, it makes sense that someone might compile a series of photos showing the two groups modeling the same strange positions. We culled these images of cats doing model poses from various sources, and the results, predictably, are hilarious.

Pay close attention or else you might forget which is the model and which is the fashion maven. Just kidding — you can just look for whichever one’s cuter. In most cases, we think it’s the cat model.

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