The Startling Difference Between a Healthy Person’s Lungs and a Smoker’s

Ever wonder what the difference is between smokers vs nonsmokers lungs?

It’s no surprise, but a recent report by the U.S. surgeon general attributes nearly half a million deaths annually to smoking. And vaping isn’t better. Fourteen teenagers were recently hospitalized in Illinois and Wisconsin for shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. They all shared one common link: vaping.

But those are stories, and they don’t necessarily get you thinking about real-world consequences. Unless you’ve known someone to die from smoking, it’s just not something we often wrap our heads around.

Until, that is, we saw this video on YouTube.

Just watching this short clip had us gasping for air. In fact, it made some of us take 10 really deep breaths to make sure our lungs were working properly. And we’re not even smokers!

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes isn’t really part of a balanced lifestyle. Smoking kills. But that hasn’t stopped millions of people from lighting up every few minutes.

What you’ll see below of smokers vs nonsmokers lungs is sobering. It’s a startling look at healthy lungs vs smokers lungs.

The Praise for Vaping

It should be noted that when adults make the switch from cigarettes to noncombustible tobacco, they are often praised. They’re told it will improve their health, and it’s less “gross” than regular cigarette smoking.

“This praise, unfortunately, makes the use of JUULs seem safe; it’s not,” says Dr. Laura Neustater, a Fort Lauderdale-based pediatrician. “The user is still exposed to nicotine, which can lead to dependence and long-term health consequences.”

Bottom line? Smoking is bad for you — whether it’s vaping, cigarettes, or anything else. And while lungs that have vaped may not resemble those in this video, it’s still something you should keep your loved ones away from.