WATCH: Man Finds the World’s Largest Snake – What Happens Next Will Shock You

It was a video posted in 2009, but it still amazes us every time we see it. The 21-second clip is titled ‘World’s Largest Snake Found Dead.’

It starts out with a slow camera panning from the tail of the snake, showing you the full length of the large reptile. As the video carries on you get to the midsection, that is when you see the width and realize exactly how large of a snake this really is.

You keep thinking at any second you will see the head, as the serpent seems ridiculously long. Then out of nowhere the camera is shaken and the world’s largest snake pounces up towards the camera.

With over two million views this snake video is possibly one of the most frightening things ever, take a look for yourself and let us know what you think below.