Snake! Walmart Shopper Finds Live Reptile in Potato Bag

A woman in North Huntingdon, Pa., was shocked when she found a three-and-a-half-foot orange and white snake in a bag of potatoes she bought at Walmart.

“First I saw its underbelly, which is white. I thought I had a bad potato. Instead I had a snake,” said Bonnie Raygor. “The bag was sealed… so I’m assuming it was in there when I bought it. I screamed.”

Raygor quickly jumped to action and wrangled the colorful snake into a reptile enclosure she already owned. It appears that the serpent is a corn snake (also known as a red rat snake), which is commonly found throughout the southeastern and central U.S. The species is quite docile, making them ideal pets.

The Walmart shopper quickly called the store to make them aware of her find.

“First, they told me I should bring it to the lawn and garden department and they’d take care of it. And then I was dissatisfied, so I called and asked to speak to a manager, and he said if I had a receipt, I could get a refund.”

This isn’t the first strange object to shock a Walmart customer. In March of this year, a father found a knife inside of his son’s birthday cake.

According to local TV station WTAE, the company’s food safety team is soon going to be in contact with Raygor. Additionally, the store is in the process of contacting the potato distributor to discover how this could have occurred.

This is the WTAE news report on the incident: