‘Snow Rage’ Incidents on the Rise

You’ve heard of “road rage” but the cold weather in the east is causing a new phenomenon: snow rage.

“We’ve been noticing a little frustration out there on the roads,” said Massachusetts State Police trooper Kathryn Downey. “I think people are getting pushed to their limits.”

As the report above from CBS Boston notes, cabin fever and a continual mentality that a situation is bad or horrible can influence a person’s thoughts, making things seem worse than they already are. This can lead to short fuses, and that can lead to trouble.

In Plymouth, MA on Sunday afternoon,  two drivers attempted to get around snow plows and an altercation erupted. One man got out of his car and “kind of dope-smacked him across the face,” said Greg, an alleged witness to the event. The second man then returned to his car and grabbed a bat, which he used to threaten the first driver. The man with the bat was arrested.

In Danver, 46-year-old Ronald Papaleo was arrested for allegedly holding a knife to the throat of a worker clearing snow at an apartment complex and threatening to sic his dog on other workers. This led to one concerned neighbor grabbing his Glock handgun, which he was licensed to carry, while his wife phoned police. This only stopped Papaleo until he discovered the neighbor wasn’t a cop, but he did return to his own apartment until police arrived and apprehended him. Papaleo pleaded not guilty to two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (the knife), assault with a dangerous weapon (the dog), as well as threats and witness intimidation.

There are also reports of a man who was arrested for attacking a plow driver with a shovel.

Local law enforcement officials are asking residents to try and remain calm, and to think with cooler heads (pun intended) before reacting to situations.

“We’d just like to ask to the public to be patient despite their frustration,” said Trooper Downey.