Two Men on Crutches Fall Down in Social Experiment — How People React Will Break Your Heart

What would you do if you saw a man on crutches fall down in the middle of the street? Would you help him up?

What about if that man was a homeless person? Would you offer him aid?

You may have instinctively answered “yes” to all of the questions above, but we wouldn’t be so sure if the results of a recent social experiment are of any indication of how people would actually react.

A team of YouTubers known as Model Pranksters set up two slightly varying scenarios: One in which a man with a fitted suit falls over while trying to walk with crutches and one in which the same happens to a man dressed up to look like a homeless person.

The reactions of passersby, while not exactly surprising, are still pretty heartbreaking.

As Danny, the man who plays both characters says about the experience: “People heard me fall, people saw me fall and still, they would just stare at me and make me feel less of a human. It’s sad that people [would] rather help a man who seems to have it all, than to help a man who has nothing at all.”

In fact, the only person who did take the time to help out was another homeless man. Check out the video above.