Family Stuck in South Korea After Toddler Draws All Over Father’s Passport

It’s one thing to lose your passport or have it stolen overseas, but it’s an entirely new nightmare when your kid decides to use its pages as a drawing pad.

According to Metro UK, a family vacation turned sour after a toddler got a hold of his father’s passport in South Korea and had a little fun with a Sharpie.

After the four-year-old was finished scribbling on daddy’s face, the passport was destroyed.

You can guess what happened next.

It seemed South Korean officials weren’t too happy with the artwork. They ended up telling the unfortunate traveler that he would not be allowed to leave the country.

That’s when the boy’s father, only known as Chen, posted the image of his passport onto the blogging platform Weibo to share the news of his circumstance and ask for help.

Hopefully, the consular staff is able to assist Chen and replace his passport quickly so he can return home with his family.

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