Soon You Can Legally Get Drunk in Taco Bell

We know that people secretly empty their liquor into the Taco Bell Baja Blast and Coke cups. It’s what people do late weekend nights when they have the munchies but aren’t done drinking. Just admit it! Even if you haven’t done it, it was only a year ago that Charlie Sheen did just that and made a huge scene.

Pretty soon you may be able to legally drink in Taco Bell without holding your breath in fear of getting caught by management–well, at least if you’re over 21.

A new franchise in Chicago’s Wicker Park has applied for a liquor license. If approved, this shop will be the first Taco Bell franchise in the world to legally serve alcoholic beverages. And probably not the last.

A spokesman for Taco Bell says there will be a “completely new urban restaurant design” in the Wicker Park location to give it more of a nightlife feel. Who wouldn’t hang out at Taco Bell instead of the local bar?

If all goes well, this Taco Bell in Chicago will begin pouring drinks and serving the usual menu sometime this summer. If it’s a success, the idea may spread to other Taco Bells too.

Burritos and beer…it does have a certain ring to it, don’t you think?