Sorority Girl Kicked Out of House Due to ‘Provocative’ Tinder Photo

A college student from the University of Nebraska Omaha has been kicked out of her sorority after posting a “provocative” photo to her Tinder profile. Shannon Workman a senior at the college had a picture of herself wearing jean shorts and her sorority tank top while standing in between two other members on the dating app/

Shannon was notified about the photo since it had her chapter letters in it and removed it, however she was still called in to have a meeting. After being questioned by members of her sorority, Chi Omega, told her that the photo was “provocative” and “risqué.” Despite being a part of the chapter for three years, she was kicked out.

Since the incident many members of the sorority have left including the two girls in the photo with her. According to the NY Daily News, the sorority’s management has been changing and many members have been kicked out.