South Korea Holds Its First Butt Beauty Pageant

We’ve already discussed the Brazilian Miss Bum Bum pageant, a beauty pageant designed to honor the most beautiful rear end in the South American nation. But now the butt pageant trend has hopped across the Pacific where it’s making a splash in South Korea.

The South Korean butt pageant, the Miss Sexy Back contest, was held last week in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul. But this isn’t any butt pageant — this is a butt pageant with a mission.

The stated mission is to raise awareness about the healthier and sexier side of beauty. Essentially, they’re acknowledging that, yes, Asian women aren’t always renowned for their butts, that doesn’t mean their flatter posteriors aren’t worthy of admiration too. Strut on, ladies — more power to you.

The female contestants were led across the stage in black panties and rated on the attractiveness of their behinds, all of them wearing masks so their faces wouldn’t interfere with the judgment of their, ahem, assets.

The winner was contestant number 7, otherwise called Kim Ha Neul.