Why Would South Koreans Send Choco Pie-Filled Balloons Into North Korea?

Two-hundred South Korean activists gathered at a park near the North Korean border and released 50 giant helium balloons filled with snacks.

The group sent over a total of 770 pounds of snacks, with 10,000 Choco Pies making up the bulk of the loot.

Why in the heck would they choose to send Choco Pies above all other snacks? Strangely enough, this is highly symbolic.

Back in the 1950s, during the Korean war, the snack was introduced by American soldiers. The actual snack at that time was known as the “Moon Pie.” The people of South Korea loved them so much that in 1974 they created the “Orion Choco Pie.”

In 2002, South and North Korea created what is known as the Kaesong Industrial Zone. The zone made it possible for North Korea to provide cheap labor for South Korean companies, with the goal of boosting new jobs for North Koreans.

A major perk of employment for North Koreans was being offered free Choco Pies. Eventually, workers decided that they could smuggle the treat back into North Korea and sell them on the black market for big bucks.

This made North Korean leadership irate, and they asked South Korean factories to quite offering Choco Pies to workers.

In order to make a statement, activists decided that it was time for North Koreans to get their favorite treat in bulk.

South Korea often uses balloons to make statements and communicate with the North Korean people. In response to these acts, North Korea has threatened to take military action.

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