Soy Sauce Brings a Dead Squid Back to Life

Soy sauce makes everything better. It brings out the flavor in our favorite dishes and serves as a dipping sauce for others. After watching this video, you might see soy sauce in a new way.

A Japanese dish called odori don, when translated literally means, “living squid dancing rice bowl” brings out the freshest kind of seafood one could eat.

The squid is 100% dead when it comes out of the kitchen. It is prepared by cutting off the entire head when it’s fresh out of the ocean water. However, when you pour soy sauce on it, the squid starts to move its tentacles.

This phenomenon happens because of the sodium content in soy sauce. It triggers the muscles in the tentacles to move because sodium will cause a relaxed muscle to tense up.

Watch the video above to see the dancing squid.

To see more videos of a dancing squid, click here!


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