Spider Lifts Venomous Snake Off and Hurls It Into Web in ‘Mindboggling’ Battle

A farmer living in Gooroc, Australia recently walked out to the astonishing sight of an epic battle between a spider and a snake, with the arachnid taking the clear lead.

The red-back spider had hurled an eastern brown snake into its web after lifting it straight off the ground under one of the farmer’s car.

“It’s just mindboggling,” Neale Postlethwaite recalls.”I can’t believe it was actually able to stop it and then hurl it up backwards into its nest.”

He noted the snake was still alive at the time, but died overnight, presumably after falling victim to the baby snake’s poison. What’s noteworthy here is that the eastern brown snake isn’t an unassuming creature. It’s known for its venomous bite, which can cause sudden death, neurotoxicity, coagulation disturbances and nephrotoxicity.

So the fact that this monster succumbed to the spider is a testament to the eight-legged creature’s own ferocious nature. No wonder Postlethwaite’s wife doesn’t want to get into that car until it’s had an undercarriage wash, as explained on the Daily Mail.

Check out the showdown above.