Eight-Legged Freak: Spider With Skull Face on Back Spotted at Train Station

Spiders are scary enough on their own. Nature just wanted to be cruel by branding this one with the terrifying image of a skull.

Luke Buxton snapped a photo of this unusual arachnid at a train station in Guildford, UK while waiting for a delayed train to London, the Mirror UK reports. While waiting on the rainy night, he spotted what he thought was Britain’s most poisonous spider, the Steatoda nobilis — commonly referred to as a “false widow” for its resemblance to a black widow.

“When I saw it, it reminded me of Damien Hirst’s ‘For The Love of God’ diamond encrusted skull,” Buxton said. “I’d heard that the false widow has the potential to seriously injure humans but the fact that this one was marked with a sign of death on its back made it a little too close for comfort.”

On closer inspection, experts discovered it was actually just a harmlessly common spider known as the missing sector orb weaver.

We don’t care, It’s still terrifying.

False-black-widow-spider (1)

False-black-widow-spider (2)