Spiders Swarm Building, Chase Cameraman

This is like a scene from a horror movie, only it really happened and was caught in terrifying detail on camera.

This viral has been flying around Facebook today. It shows hundreds of thousand of spiders that have taken over the inside of a building. It was allegedly shot in Mexico City, and while it’s creepy enough to see these black clumps, it’s even more disgusting (frightening, terrifying, horrifying — pick your favorite word) to hear this dull buzzing noise. Is it the spiders making that noise as their sticky, spindly legs crawl over one another? We’re not sure.

But then things get worse! The cameraman goes inside to get a closeup, and that’s when clumps of these creatures drop down to the ground and scatter toward him! At first he snags a close up, but like any sane person, he quickly dashes outside where there’s nothing hanging over his head… as far as we know.

Check out the “Spiders Swarm” video that’s gone viral.

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