Spill Proof Wine Glass Is Perfect for Drunks and Klutzes Alike

If you’re like most of us, you’re not really a drunk mess when you spill your wine — you’re just really clumsy.

Fortunately, relief has arrived! Super Duper Studio has created the “Saturn Glass,” an un-spillable wine glass. Designed by Christopher Yamane and Matthew Johnson, the Saturn Glass is both stylish and super simple, making one question why no one else had ever done this in the past. The tapered, flat bottom lets the glass stand upright when it’s in a normal drinking position, but if you knock it on the side, the glass’ wider bowl allows the glass to balance in place, stopping it from rolling over.

Here’s a gif of the spill proof wine glass in action. As you can see, if you pour a normal-sized glass of wine, you won’t experience any spillage. It also, in theory, lessens your chances of knocking it off the table.saturn glass giphy

We got the gif and info from the website Supercompressor. They explain, “The concept for this ingenious piece of barware has been in development for the past four years, and the team behind the project has extensive glass-blowing experience. The result is a wine glass that’s lightweight, beautifully crafted, and blissfully unable to be knocked over.”

The cost is $52 per glass, which seems like a lot, but these are artisan items. As the company website explains, “To prepare the material for each cup, the molten glass is shaped by hand before being blown into a mold by glass artisans in Oakland, California. Each glass is then annealed overnight (a process which cools the glass slowly to relieve material stresses), cut, and polished by hand.”

You won’t be able to get these in time for New Years; in fact, the company has so many requests that they’re on back order until March. But if you place a pre-order now, they should arrive just in time for those fun Spring barbecues. Get more info here.