Spinning Chocolate Exhibit: Illusion or Real?

For all of you chocolate lovers out there, a giant spinning chocolate wheel is something you would only dream about. Even a simple candy bar can be the perfect indulgence for those of you with a sweet tooth, but an entire chocolate exhibit reaches a whole new level of extraordinary.

A chocolate factory from Melbourne, Australia, decided to please chocolate lovers everywhere and make a chocolate exhibit of birds. The only problem is that it is hard to decipher whether the spinning of the wheel is real, or just merely an illusion.

The spinning chocolate video went viral a couple years ago — which was when we originally posted it — but it’s making the rounds again. No one really had many details other than it being an Aussie exhibit. After some digging, we were told that this zoetrope is an exhibit at Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate, on Phillip Island. Here’s some info about the location:

Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate is a celebration of all things chocolate, with interactive machines to play with, fascinating facts and the ability to make your own chocolate on the spot.

Once you’ve experienced this unique chocolate wonderland it is time to explore Pannys Chocolate café and Pannys Chocolate Shop to experience an extensive selection of chocolatey treats.

From your very first taste you will fall in love with Pannys delectable Belgium premium hand made chocolates.

Help us out! If we’re off on this video’s origins, let us know in the comments below.