Sponge Water Bombs DIY – The Best Summer Toy EVER!

We post a lot of life hack videos on First to Know, but one of our regular contributors made this video and we had to post it right away: Sponge Water Bombs DIY.

It comes courtesy of Daniel Ehlers, who runs EhlersTV on YouTube.¬†As he notes on the post, “Sponge water bombs are a great alternative to water balloons.” He’s right.

Water balloons explode and the water is lost, but because these are sponges they hold onto some of the liquid. Yes, a bulk of the water¬†splashes out, but not all of it is lost, and that means more play time with less water used. They’re also easier to play with than water balloons, because you just need to dunk them to use right away; no constant trips to the sink or hose for filling up.

And you don’t need to run around cleaning up exploded balloons afterward.

The video shows how to assemble them, and you can probably cut out one step if you find colorful sponges that don’t have the rough-textured side to them. That means fun times can start even soon. Check it out.

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