Spread Last-Minute Holiday Cheer with JibJab eCards

Tomorrow is Christmas day! Got your gifts ready? Milk and cookies out for santa? And cards all sent? Check, check and…forgot those cards, didn’t you?

No need to panic. We’ve got a quick, easy, and fast solution and it’s called JibJab.com, one of the best eCard sites we know of.

Now you may think eCards seem dated and bland, but there’s nothing old-fashioned and boring about these ones. The digital media company offers a huge selection of fun interactive cards that feature you as the star and up to 4 other people (or pets, stuffed toys, whatever) of your choosing. That’s right, these interactive cards have fun tunes, hilarious dance routines and videos – all with your face plastered as the starring act.

If you’re camera shy, you can put in the recipient’s picture or whatever else your creativity leads you to. You can choose from classic holiday dances and tunes, or if you’re a bit more daring you can try the “Twisted Holiday” card selection. Other fun categories include “Elf Maddness,” “Classic Movies” and a Hanukkah section.

Fast, easy, and loads of fun—don’t fret about those forgotten cards, just jump on the site and get ready to send some holiday cheer and laughter.