Squirrel Steals GoPro, Runs Up Tree, Becomes Internet Celebrity

Everyone seems obsessed these days with leaving their GoPro Cameras around so they can shoot something. From dash cams catching car accidents to random family events, everyone seems determined to use the little device to create the latest viral video.

But when it comes to people who just leave their cameras around in hopes that something happens, there’s one thought on many people’s minds: What if someone steals it?

This video takes on that question, but rather than a “someone” it’s a “something” — a squirrel, to be precise. It sniffs out the GoPro, grabs it, carries it up a tree, tries to “eat it” and then drops it back to the owner on the ground. It’s pretty amazing, and since being┬áposted last week the “Squirrel Steals GoPro” video has become a viral video sensation.

But is it real? Yes, and no.

The video is of a real squirrel that does steal a GoPro, takes it up a tree, messes with it a little bit and then drops it, all in that perfect-for-a-viral-video one-minute time frame. However, this didn’t just happen out of the blue. According to The Daily Mail:

Attaching a piece of bread to a GoPro, Montreal resident David Freiheit wanted to see if an inquisitive creature would run off while the camera was recording.

But he got more than he bargained for when a curious squirrel made off the with the camera.

On Freiheit’s YouTube page he says, “After eating the bread, it swiftly discarded the GoPro.” The lucky bit is that the squirrel actually gets Freiheit in the shot while its up in the tree, and the dropped camera doesn’t get damaged in the fall. Check out all the fun above.