Star Trek Crew Encounters Miley Cyrus, Destruction Ensues

Back in the day, fan fiction was all the rage. You’d take your favorite characters — like Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek series — and put them on adventures that you would make up and write yourself. Sometimes these adventures would even cross universes, so you’d have the USS Enterprise in space combat against Star Wars‘ Millennium Falcon.

But once home video editing became a thing, some even more creative fan-produced combinations occurred.

Such is the case when the original Star Trek crew encounters Miley Cyrus in space. Using footage from the 1960’s series, Aries Head Films created a hilarious video back in 20113 that got some attention back then, but which has started going viral again as of today. It features the crew discovering¬†a singing alien creature, and what her music and actions do to the Enterprise crew.

While the piece is super funny, what’s actually the most interesting aspect of this short film is thinking about how Cyrus and her on-stage antics would appear to a group of viewers from the 1960s. Or how aliens would view human culture if they came visiting. There’s no grand conclusion involved here, just something that makes you take pause and think about the “art” our society is putting out into the universe¬†right now.

Check out the “Star Trek Crew Encounters Miley Cyrus” video and enjoy the goodness.