Starbucks Helps Expecting Parents Decide on Baby Name

Next time you’re torn about something–black or blue shoes, Prius or Camry, boxers or briefs–just let Starbucks and their loyal customers help you out. That’s exactly what married couple Jennifer James and Mark Dixon of West Haven, Connecticut, have done.

Unable to decide whether to name their first-born son Logan or Jackson, the parents-to-be turned to their local Starbucks and had the customers take a vote. They created a survey in which customers could cast a ballot for one of the two names. Upon entering the store, customers were greeted with a sign that read, “Help us choose our son’s name, Jackson or Logan.”

Since the voting began earlier this week, over 1,800 total votes were collected. Although the votes resulted in an obvious winner, some customers felt it necessary to give the couple some other options to think about.

“We’ve gotten Obama, Jebediah and Lincoln,” the mom-to-be shares.

“Chaz, definitely not Chaz, sounds like a bully,” Dixon adds.

The winning name? Logan.

Dixon recalls about the ballot results, saying, “Logan by far. At least by 400 or 500.”