What Does Your State Like More — Bacon or Kale?

Business Insider has finally answered the question no one has been asking for centuries — Bacon or kale?

The two foods have become increasingly popular in American diets, a strange fad since it’s difficult to imagine too foods more different. One is a crinkly, leafy green with a bitter taste touted by health nuts for its health benefits, while the other is a slice of fried pork fat — mostly used to give heavy dishes that extra pound of fat to kick it into delicious overdrive.

The map was created based on comparing Twitter mentions of the two foods in each state.

Of course, there’s a disparity between who eats what (unless you’re a hipster), and the below map makes the distinction clear. A lot of the results are along the lines of what you might expect — states like California, New York, and Hawaii seem are flocking to farmer’s markets for kale while Southern states like Mississippi, Alabama, and West Virginia are visiting their local diners for some all-American bacon.

“It turns out that a focus on kale correlates to being a liberal, while a bacon orientation is tied more closely to conservatism,” writes Eric Chemi of Bloomberg Businessweek.

The map’s worth looking at to see where your state stands on the debate, and for the surprises. Ohio needs to take it easy. And Georgia is basically the California of the South, apparently.