Statistics About Father’s Day That May Surprise You

Here are some stats on giving Father’s Day gifts this year from RetailMeNot.

  • Consumers are more likely to buy a gift for Mother’s Day (83%) than Father’s Day (73%) and those who do plan to get a gift are spending less on dad ($57) then on mom ($85) for their respective holidays.
  • Almost half of dads (46%) say that time with their family for Father’s Day is one of the things they’d want most! For those who are looking for a gift below is an idea of the most popular items on Dad’s wish list.
  1. Gift Cards (37%)
  2. Clothing (26%)
  3. Large Electronics (25%)
  4. New Gadgets (23%)
  • One in four (25%) Americans who plan on getting their dad a Father’s Day gift plan on spending $100 or more.
  • Americans also plan on spending less this year than last year ($57 vs. $61) on their Father’s Day gift.
  • Few American fathers would want a gym membership (8%) or a magazine subscription (7%) this Father’s Day.
  • Fathers, on average, have nine hours a week for themselves.  And if they had an extra hour every week, close to half would most want to spend time with their children (47%) or with their family (47%).
  • It’s not all about family time though: almost two in five (37%) fathers would most want to relax while three in ten (30%) fathers would most want to play video games if they had an extra hour every week.
  • With an extra hour a week, few fathers would most want to shop for themselves (14%), read (13%) or run errands (8%).
  • Around one in four fathers consider themselves to be an “adventure father” (25%), a father who enjoys the outdoors and likes to travel, or a “modern father” (24%) who is fashionable and likes gadgets.  Almost as many (21%) say they are “household fathers,” one who is organized and takes care of the home.
  • Fewer than one in ten (7%) fathers consider themselves to be a “classic father,” such as one who wears suits and is a wine or spirits connoisseur.
  • A majority (93%) of fathers treat themselves at least once a month. Among this group, more than one in two treat themselves to a movie (51%) or a nice dinner (51%); just as many treat themselves to a night out (48%) this often.
  • Few fathers treat themselves to expensive haircuts (15%) or spa treatments (15%) at least monthly.
  • If Americans had to choose a TV dad they would most want as their fathers, one in five (20%) Americans would choose Uncle Jesse Katsopolis from “Full House,” while close to one in six (13%) would opt for Phil Dunphy from “Modern Family.”
  • Females are more likely than males to want Dr. McDreamy from “Grey’s Anatomy” as their fathers (11% vs. 6%) while more men than women would want Ned Stark from “Game of Thrones” to play this role in their lives (10% vs. 5%).