Statue of Liberty to Re-Open July 4, 2013

Lovely Lady Liberty is welcoming back guests to her home!

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and New York Senator Charles Schumer announced today that the Statue of Liberty will be opening symbolically on the day that America declared its own freedom.

“July Fourth is the perfect day to reopen a symbol of our nation’s freedom, and speaks volumes about New York’s resilience,” Schumer said. “Lady Liberty was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy, but just like New York, she will be back – and stronger than ever.”

As you may recall, the statue had undergone a year-long, $30 million renovation, then had a grand reopening on October 28, 2012; it was the statue’s 126th birthday.  But on October 29th, Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and inflicted a great deal of storm-damage, closing it down to tourists. This was a huge financial blow to New York, with the National Park Service reporting that the park generated $174 million in economic activity and supported 2,218 jobs. Now, however, things seem to be getting back to normal.

“Hurricane Sandy inflicted major damage on facilities that support the Statue of Liberty – destroying the docks, crippling the energy infrastructure on Ellis Island and wiping out the security screening system – but we are fully committed to reopening this crown jewel as soon as it’s safe for visitors and not a second later,” U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said in a news release. “Based on the tremendous progress we have made, Lady Liberty will be open to the public in time for the July 4th celebration.”