WATCH: ‘Schmeat’ May Be the Future of Burgers–But Would You Eat It?

No, this isn’t tempeh, tofu or some other form of fake meat. This is actual meat — the real deal — only it’s generated from skeletal muscle fiber stem cells from a cow and grown in a lab. That’s right–stem cell meat!

For 20 years researchers have been working on a way to create this meat because raising and maintaining cattle is not only expensive but it’s draining on the environment. Environmentalists, animal rights activists, and even NASA have been waiting for the day when an alternative to conventional meat using stem cells becomes a reality. That day has finally come.

While many are celebrating this scientific achievement, some people find the idea of eating lab meat generated from stem cells as downright creepy and they want to have nothing to do with it. To make matters worse, the stuff is called “schmeat” because when it’s grown, it’s completely flat. It’s flat because there’s no skeleton, like in an animal, to hold it up.

In 2013 Dr. Mark Post of the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands first debuted his schmeat to judges and chefs. The verdict was that the stuff didn’t taste horrible and had a texture very similar to regular meat, but it was lacking flavor and it just wasn’t juicy, mainly because of the zero fat content.

Post has been hard at work improving the taste of his shmeat ever since that very expensive debut barbecue two summers ago. He’s hopeful that he’s gotten the right flavor down this time with some sort of fat substitute. He’s also hopeful that there will be a market for the stuff. As of now, he estimates that one burger at a restaurant will be cost a couple of hundred dollars at first. Over time, he says the price will go down.

Oh, and he’s also got some schmeat steaks in the works too.

So, tell us below: Would you eat schmeat or not? What if it was the only meat option?
Here’s another video while you consider the question: