Step Brother Admits to Killing & Dismembering Becky Watts but Says It Wasn’t Murder (VIDEO)

Becky Watts, a 16 year-old British girl, went missing but little did anyone in her family know that her own step brother, Nathan Matthews, was the killer. His girlfriend, Shauna Hoare, is thought to have been a prime accomplice to the murder but the couple strongly deny this. The pair is currently in court on charges  of kidnapping and murdering the teenager.

After the killing, Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare visited her mother, Lisa Donovan, who was surprised by the unexpected visit. She even joked with them, asking if they were on the run from police because they had kidnapped Becky.

Despite Hoare’s insistence that she knew nothing of the murder, Matthews, 28, and Hoare, 21, are accused of conspiring to kidnap Becky and murdering her in her bedroom and taking the body back to their house where they dismembered it and hid the remains in a neighbor’s shed.

Analysis has proven that Becky was indeed suffocated and struck in the neck with a screwdriver. After she died, she was stabbed 15 times in the abdomen. The court also heard that Matthews and Hoare had a shared interest in kidnapping and sex with young girls. There seems to a sexual motive behind the killing.

The prosecution alleges that after Becky died, the couple spent the next three days cutting up her body and getting rid of the blood and other evidence. Testimony from an upstairs neighbor supports this claim. Sarah Webb said in court that from her apartment below “‘It sounded like the bed was being lifted across the floor, like something heavy was being dragged.”

Matthews admits to killing his step sister in court but insists it wasn’t murder. She died, he claims, by accident. He also admitted to police that he had a stun gun, handcuffs and mask and went to Becky’s home only to “teach her a lesson” because she was selfish and treated his mother badly. He claims he  pounced on her wearing a mask but when it slipped, they struggled and he strangled her. He claims Hoare, who is both his girlfriend and the mother of his child, knew nothing of the killing or the dismemberment.

The court has seen footage of Matthews buying a circular saw (above) at a DIY store the day after the killing.

Matthews admits manslaughter of Becky, dismembering her body and possessing two stun guns. He denies conspiracy to kidnap and murder. Hoare denies any involvement in the plot to kidnap, murder or dismember Becky.

The trial is ongoing.