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Step Inside the World’s Smallest Disco

People who party will go to great lengths to find the best dance floor — even traveling to far off destinations in hopes of scoring that euphoric moment in a crowd of other revelers.

But this is probably the craziest dance destination we’ve ever heard of.

The world’s smallest disco is located inside a former phone booth in Berlin, Germany. It’s called Teledisko (of course) and it offers personalized music, lights, and smoke effects. It works like this:

Visitors enter the box, select the music they want to enjoy in their personal club, the lighting as well as other effects. They then rock out for a short amount of time in any way they want. Reports have said there are three Telediskos in Berlin, and each one fits only a handful of people, but it seems to be worth it; tourists and locals alike have been lining up to experience the magic. As a bonus to the experience, party goers can get pictures and videos of their private party for between four and six Euro (approximately $4.50 – $6.75 US dollars).

In the video above from Ruptly, you get to see the booths in action, as well as all the people waiting to take part. We also posted some images below so you could see the other versions. Check them out then let us know: If you were visiting Berlin, would you try out the world’s smallest disco?


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