Steven Tyler’s F*** Up: Curses & Confuses Show Name

Aerosmith’s bad boy, Steven Tyler, messed up big time on this morning’s The Today Show appearance.

He and the rest of the band were on the show to perform for a live audience, but when he greeted the crowd he referenced the wrong show, saying “Good Morning America” into the camera as the Today cast groaned in embarrassment.

He didn’t stop there. Later while Al Roker was giving a weather update, the singer yelled in the background to fans, “Thanks for coming out, you crazy f***s!”

Oh, boy. Al Roker tried to save the situation by jokingly saying, “That’s why they haven’t done mornings.”

All this happened shortly after Tom Hanks dropped the F-bomb on the actual Good Morning America. Do we see a careless trend starting? Let’s hope not.

Watch Tyler’s gaffes in the video above.