Stoner Realizes He Can’t Get High Off Jewels, Trades $160,000 Diamond for $20 Bag of Weed

Well, here’s one story for the books.

A former UPS employee named Walter Earl Morrison, 20, allegedly stole a $160,000 diamond from a cargo plane in Phoenix, Arizona, and then did something really, really stupid.

He traded the jewel for a $20 bag of marijuana.

Morrison was working on the tarmac at Sky Harbor Airport when he snagged the jewel.

According to court documents, he hid the package under his shirt because he thought it contained cash. Instead, he opened it up to find a dazzling diamond. Once he realizes he can’t get high off the jewel, he exchanged it for something much less desirable before being apprehended.

Of course, he was fired from his job and the expensive stone was given to its intended recipient.

Morrison was charged last week with felony theft.