Stormtroopers Against Bullying: The 501st Legion Suit Up Another Bullied Girl

The Stormtroopers of Star Wars are known for many things —  their affiliation with the rise of the empire, their high mortality rates in Death Star related explosions, poor aim, and susceptibility to Ewok attacks to name a few.

They might fight for the Dark Side in the movies, but in real life they are anti-bullying heroes. Just call them the galactic defenders against bullies.

Back in 2010, members of the 501st Legion, a group of Star Wars cosplayers who form a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization, came to the defense of first grader Katie Goldman.  Katie was being bullied at school for her love of Star Wars, her classmates taunting her for liking movies they claimed were only for boys.

Members of the 501st banded together to build Katie custom Stormtrooper armor, true to the original Star Wars, as a gift. The 501st only asked that the suit be returned after Katie out grew it, so that other children could experience the armor.

Katie’s mom Carrie Goldman wrote about their gesture on her blog. “Katie became an unexpected symbol of geek pride and anti-bullying.”

Now 4 years later, the armor is being given to eleven-year-old Allison who has also undergone taunts and torments from her peers. Legion member Brian Troyan said he hopes that with the suit Allison will remember “that she shouldn’t ever need to hide who she is.”

Guess these girls aren’t too short to be Stormtroopers after all!

Check out the slideshow above to see Katie receiving and wearing her armor.