10 Global Dishes That’ll Truly Test Your Intestines

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Travelling is often about trying the strange food from around the world and attempting to experience the different culture of the country you are visiting.

It helps you realize that while each culture is different, we all share a love for eating.

From rotten animal parts and duck embryos, to squirming bugs and monkey brains, there are plenty of unique dishes out there to test your gag reflexes and push the limits on how far you’ll go to truly immerse yourself into a culture.

These 10 gut-wrenching acquired tastes top our list of foods that’ll truly test your intestines. We definitely won’t be trying any of these anytime soon. Wait, maybe the fried tarantulas.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Would you be able to stomach some of this weird food from around the world?

This Icelandic national dish of cured, rotten shark is said to smell worst than it tastes.

Baby Rice Wine
In China and Korea three-day-old mice are stewed in rice wine for a year before being enjoyed. Bottoms up!

Casu Marzu
Mmm Italy’s forbidden maggot cheese! Sheep’s milk is broken down by the digestive tracts of cheese flies then eaten — maggots and all.

To make this ancient alcoholic drink, women first chew corn into a pulp then spit it into a warm jar of water. Then, it sits and ferments for several days before being consumed.

An Icelandic meal of boiled sheep’s head.

Fried Tarantulas
Throughout Cambodia, large tarantulas are fried whole and then eaten with relish.

Canned Chrysalis
This is a popular snack in South Korea.

It’s a delicacy that’s considered an aphrodisiac. It is eaten mainly in the Philippines. Yum.

Kiviak is popular in Greenland. They hallow out a seal carcass, stuff it with dead birds, then seal it up to be aged for seven months before eating.

Sheep’s head, hooves and stomach are boiled and served with rice, meat and bread.