Strange Speed Dating: Girls Forced to Wash Away Makeup and Have Breasts Measured to Avoid ‘Surprises’

A new speed dating event in China takes the idea of “getting to know you” to a very intimate level, very quickly. Apparently at a mass dating event in Hangzhou, 30,000 eager singles met up at a waterpark showed up in the hopes of finding love.

The men and women participated in various games and activities. Some of the female-specific challenges at the event are now being criticized as degrading to women, and downright sexist.

Some of the activities were what you might expect to find at a waterpark, such as water fights and slippery tug-of-war competitions.

The women—all dressed in swimwear—had a few gender-specific challenges set for them. Organizer asked the women to wash off all of their makeup so that the men “would not judge them on their appearance,” The Daily Mail reported.

But things got even creepier when the men were asked to use tape measures to check the breast sizes of the women they found most attractive.

Social media backlash has sharply criticized the organizers of the event and those who happily participated, according to Chinese news outlets.