Woman Wakes Up to See Her Baby Missing — Then Spots a Stranger Holding Her Baby

When your child is not well, the only thing you are concerned with is keeping him or her safe and finding out what is wrong so it can be treated. When you fall asleep next to them and wake up to find your child in a completely different room from yours can be a horrendous experience.

This is exactly what happened to Lory Beth Snyder on Friday 5th August. Her four-month-old daughter, Lorelai, was admitted to the pediatric ward at NEA Baptist Hospital located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. After being there for a while she fell asleep in her daughter’s room and when she woke not much more than an hour later, her little girl was nowhere to be found.

She did eventually locate little Lorelai…in another patient’s room. In a lengthy Facebook post she described how her sick little girl was in the arms of a strange woman who was just another patient and that several nurses were standing around laughing and playing all the while. The baby’s diaper bag was also there with some of the contents removed and placed around the room. Even the crib and IV pole was there.

Snyder took her child back despite protests from the other woman known as Ms. Harris who told Lory that she should leave without her child because she (Lory) needed to rest. As if this experience wasn’t bad enough the no-care attitude of the nurses was even more disturbing. Three of them followed her out of Ms. Harris’ room to try and convince her that she didn’t have any dark intentions with little Lorelai and that they knew the patient.

The Snyders were moved to the ICU for the rest of their stay because that is the only part of the hospital with proper security. She phoned the local police who were of the opinion that no crime had been committed as the abductor hadn’t intended molesting or raping her child. This is astounding to say the least you question the right you have to privacy and you think about which actions should be taken when abduction takes place and if in fact these actions were in place at this hospital.

Based on what we learned from the mother it seemed that the nurses had a favorite patient and they took baby Lorelai into her room to try and cheer up this patient without the consent or knowledge of the child’s mother. But now we ask what was Ms. Harris sick with? Could it be caught by the baby? In this instance, not only were laws broken but morals and common decency was ignored and disobeyed.

In a statement released by the hospital they just said that an incident occurred that involved two patients. They wouldn’t say what happened exactly due to the laws that ensure a patient’s privacy (huh?) but that two of their nurses acted fast and followed all protocol and in so doing got the situation sorted quickly without anybody getting hurt. They further said that the two nurses secured the mother and the pediatric patient and they also cooperated with the police throughout. The officers at the incident didn’t deem it necessary to arrest or open cases against anyone involved. They further expressed their gratitude for everybody being safe.


It is quite obvious that their version of events would differ from the mother’s experience but there is no reason to suspect Lory of adding details about how the nurses reacted to the situation. If the hospital had any good sense they would have begged for her forgiveness and booted all of the staff members involved. Lory is extremely relieved to have her little girl safely at home after she was diagnosed with an allergy to milk during the admission when this incident took place. She believes that they were just lucky and that many other parents were not as fortunate. She also says that something like child abduction should not be dismissed so readily.

All images courtesy of Lory Beth Snyder/Facebook