5 Insane Pets of Historical Figures

5. The King and the Kangaroo

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Speaking of celebrity royalty, the King of Rock and Roll was a rabid animal lover. He kept a wide array of animals on the 13.8 acres of land he acquired when he purchased Graceland. He used the land to populate a nice little farm for his family and friends. Elvis raised hogs, ducks, chickens, and a turkey that the King named Bowtie. He also owned a number of mules and horses throughout his lifetime.

Perhaps the strangest of the animals that came to call Graceland home was wallaby sent to Elvis by Australian fans while he was shooting Jailhouse Rock in 1957. Incredibly, fans sent Elvis a second wallaby in 1962. He eventually donated both to the Memphis Zoo. I guess if you’re the king, one wallaby is never enough.