Strangest Mental Disorders: Alien Hand Syndrome, Walking Corpses & Other Rare Conditions

Did you know there is such a thing as “Alien Hand Syndrome?” The disorder causes people to involuntarily do very strange things (and many times freaky) things with their hands. Some have reported they actually feel possessed by a force outside of themselves.

Or, were you aware that some men and women have suffered from “Walking Corpse Syndrome?”  People suffering from this condition appear to be living and breathing as normal, but are convinced they’re dead.

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Bizarre Medical Conditions You Only See in India

Mannan Modal is known throughout his native land as “Melting Man” because of his facial deformity. He was offered a chance to receive plastic surgery, but he turned it down to pay for his daughter’s wedding.

After a chance encounter with the “kind-hearted” Jasimuddin Ahmad, conjoined twins Ganga and Jamuna Mondal fell in love with the same man. The 45-year old sisters have two different torsos, are joined at the waist and share one set of legs.

Eight year old Kaleem was born with hands twice the size of normal babies, which then continued to grow to huge proportions. He has difficulties performing simple tasks such as tying his shoes or feeding himself properly due to his 13 inch long hands that weigh nearly 30 pounds.

A 60-year-old woman was 24 when she suffered an unsuccessful pregnancy. Nearly four decades later, she went to a hospital following pains in her abdomen, where doctors found and removed the skeleton of her unborn child.

Ashik Gavai’s parents were worried the swelling in the right side of his lower jaw was cancer. When doctors went to examine however, they found “multiple pearl-like teeth inside the jaw bone.” In total they removed 232 teeth from his mouth.