Strangest Woman Ever Plays Wheel of Fortune and Wins

It is the hilarious video that has been traveling through the web. Wheel of Fortune had its first episode run in September of 1983, and till this day I don’t think host Pat Sajak or any of the shows previous hosts have every heard a crazier answer.

The footage above shows Pat asking contestant Nura for a letter, to which she guesses “Z” a letter which was not on the board. When Nura’s turn comes around again she pauses for several moments again then decieded on the letter “X” again not on the board.

The Pat, the other contestants and everyone watching was very confused and even laughed a little bit after hearing the woman’s answers. I think it is safe to say that Nura might just be the strangest woman ever to play Wheel of Fortune.However, despite the weird answers Nura was the winner that night winning $13,970.