Strategies to Win at Backgammon

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Backgammon is a fancy board game that dates back from 5000 years ago. This game involves rolling dice and moving checkers to pointers. Like other board games, you win by moving the checkers to your home board and bearing them off. Winning is a desire of every player. 

Whether playing chess or soccer, you get satisfaction by beating an opponent. But this does not come naturally. You must have some strategies in place to keep your opponent at a bar each time you face one another. The same case applies to the Backgammon board game. For you to emerge a winner, here are superb strategies to consider:

Use the running game strategy

When you start with a strong roll, the running game is an ideal strategy. This strategy involves moving your checkers towards your home board as quickly as possible. If your opponent considers this strategy too, your winning chances lie in having high rolls. So, it is a good idea to consider it when you achieve high rolls at the opening phase. 

Blitz strategy

Attacking your opponent’s vulnerable checkers is another way to enhance your winning chances. This strategy dubbed Blitz involves targeting your opponent by landing on their checkers and sending them to the bar whenever possible. Using this strategy helps you to trap your opponent checkers or move them to some points back. 

However, you need to be conscious when applying this strategy as it can work against your wish. Attacking your opponent can make your checkers vulnerable if you make wrong decisions.

Holding game strategy 

Holding game is another perfect strategy to win at Backgammon. This approach involves keeping an anchor checker on your opponents’ home board. The strategy helps you to be in a safe place in case the opponent moves your checker to the bar. 

Also, it acts as a threat to your opponent. Whenever you capture their checker and they do the same to theirs, you will still win more pips than them.

The Priming strategy

If you want to become an all-time winner at backgammon, learning the priming strategy is critical. This strategy involves having several connected series or prime of made points on the board. In other words, you create a wall that becomes hard for your opponent to pass through unless they have a higher roll than the made points. 

For instance, an opponent will need to roll a five or six when you have a wall of four made point to break it. Using this approach favors you in two ways. One, you have an easy opportunity to get your remaining checkers. Two, you will delay your opponent and advance your winning chances. Consider combining priming with a blitz to enhance your winning opportunities. 

Back game strategy

When on the verge of defeat at backgammon, the back game is a perfect strategy to consider. This strategy is an advancement of the holding game. It involves having numerous made points on your opponents’ home board. 

If your opponent is moving your checkers to the bar frequently, you should implement this strategy. Using it enhances your threats to the opponent by occupying their crucial real estate. This way, you save yourself from losing and enhance your winning chances. 

Wrapping up

As they say, backgammon is a game of skill rather than chance. You need to have the insights for attacking your opponent’s checkers. This calls for understanding some of the strategies you can apply to move the 15 pieces out of the board as soon as possible.

The above five strategies of winning at backgammon are the cheat sheet. Utilizing them effectively will turn you into a backgammon master. So, learn them repeatedly.  

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