Stray Dogs Show Up to Funeral of Woman Who Spent a Lifetime Feeding Them

Margarita Suarez, an animal lover in Merida, Mexico was recently put to rest with all her loved ones around to pay their last respects.

Included in that crowd was a pack of stray dogs and even a bird that showed up on their own. It turns out, Suarez was known for feeding the animals that gathered at her door every morning. She even took a bag of food with her everywhere she went, so she could feed any new dogs she encountered on her outings.

At the service, the dogs followed Suarez’ hearse to and from the funeral home and stuck around till her body was being prepared to be cremated.

The people at the funeral home didn’t mind letting the animals in once they realized they were there to mourn the loss alongside everyone else, just in their own special way.

“In pain, they jumped for joy, it was wonderful” said Margarita’s daughter.

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