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Stray Kitten Interrupts A Live News Cast And Instantly Becomes A Sensation!

What happens in a stray kitten’s life is hardly considered newsworthy but one tiny kitten had a brilliant idea of how to air her issues. Nima Shaffe, a WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) reporter, was on location in Detroit when he received a visit from a very unlikely guest who decided she needed some airtime.

Right in the middle of a segment that Shaffe was busy with about Gun Safety Week, the stray kitten stepped right up and started meowing for the whole world to hear. After finalizing the broadcast, the crew investigated and found the sad, lonely kitten where she was still meowing.

Photo: YouTube

She instantly nestled herself solidly into their hearts which resulted in her becoming one of their stories. Later on in the broadcast the anchors at Channel 7 returned to Shaffe to find out a bit more about the darling animal that never ceased in her attempts to get noticed. She was appropriately dubbed Lucky 7.

An officer came by a while later to transport Lucky 7 to safety and was clearly taken with her too. She was placed in the care of the good folks at the Humane Society of Huron Valley and will be available for adoption in the weeks to follow. Many people have called offering to give her a permanent home already and everyone is confident that she will be housed as soon as she is available.

stray kitten interrupts live news cast
Photo: YouTube

It seems like she had a plan from the get-go with the interruption of the broadcast if you look at how easily she has adapted to her newfound stardom. A spokesperson from the shelter mentioned how friendly and affectionate the kitten is and that she was purring and kneading with her little paws throughout her veterinary exam. She is currently comfortable in her nursery while waiting for her new family to come and get her.

Check out the video featuring this adorable baby feline below.

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