Stray Pit Bull Mothers Two-Day-Old Kitten (VIDEO)

This story is too heartwarming for words!

pitbulll-and-kitten-rescuedWhen Marina, a veterinary technician from the Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas, stumbled upon a stray pit bull on the side of the road, she was surprised to see it nursing a little two-day-old kitten.

After the discovery, the clinic posted a picture of the pair on its Facebook page with the status: “The dog is sweet and loves the kitten, but her milk is drying up. We are bottle feeding the kitten today and placing it in a home with a nursing mother cat tonight. Good job Marina!”

The pit bull, who the clinic has chose to call “Pittie,” howled and whined when the kitten spent the night with the doctor for bottle feedings.

Hopefully, someone loving will choose to adopt this adorable duo together so they don’t have to be ever be apart.