5-Year-Old Stressed Out About Having to Juggle Three Girlfriends

It is rough being a 5-year-old in today’s world.

That’s the conclusion one boy and his mom have come to in a short YouTube clip showing the tough predicament the youngster has found himself in: having three girlfriends and realizing he can’t juggle ‘em all.

The adorable boy explains to his mom that he can only have two girlfriends at maximum since three just feels like too much.

Faced with the hard choice he realizes he has to “give one up” adding “they’re all pretty” and he has no clue how he’ll figure out which one to let go.

At the end of the video, the boy remembers the simpler days and wistfully says “I wish I was four again.”

Ah, the struggle.

Check out the adorable and hilarious clip above.