Watch: Student Builds Functional Batman Combat Suit — Is Officially the Coolest Dude Around

With Joker making major waves at the box office this weekend, this video from a few years ago has us remembering who’s really the boss in Gotham City.

Jackson Gordon loves Batman, but when it comes to imitating his role model, he wanted to do more than just look like the superhero. An industrial design student at Philadelphia University, Gordon decided to build a fully-functioning combat Batsuit out of Kevlar and silicone molds.

Gordon showcased his completed design at Katsucon in Maryland, inviting attendees to throw a punch to test the combat suit’s strength. The suit is capable of withstanding force attacks from punches, machetes, and baseball bats, as he has tested it against all three according to USA Today.

However durability and defense weren’t Gordon’s only goals when he designed the combat gear. A black-belt in Kung Fu, he also needed the suit to be flexible enough for his agile movements.

“If this were to inhibit my movement, it would be completely useless,” Gordon said.

He can perform kicks and full splits while wearing the 25-pound design.

The suit cost $1,255 to produce, which Gordon funded through a Kickstarter initiative.

The project took two months to complete, but Gordon was itching to take on the challenge.

He told USA Today:

“When I came to this college, I was sort of sitting in my room all day. I’d get my homework done in like, an hour, and then I’d have nothing to do for the rest of the day. So I figured, I’ll do what I always do — I’ll start a project.”

Watch the video above to watch Gordon put the suit through one of many stress tests. You can check out more of Gordon’s designs on his Facebook page.