WATCH: Student Yanked Out of Her Desk and Thrown to Ground By Police Officer

student thrown from desk

After refusing to turn off her cell phone, a South Carolina student was yanked out of her desk by school monitor Ben Fields, who is also a Richland County sheriff’s deputy.

As revealed in the above video, the girl refused to leave her seat, he then tells her: “I’ll make you.” Fields took her by the neck and flipped her desk backward. He then dragged her across the floor.

The situation is currently being investigated by local authorities and Field has been placed on leave.

According to student Miya Kenny, 18, her classmate was treated wrongly. Kenny stood up for the student, which prompted Fields to arrest her as well.

“I know this girl,” said Kenny. “I couldn’t believe this was happening. I have never seen nothing like it in my life, a man use that much force on a little girl.”

The above video report offers more information on the incident.

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