STUDY: How Far Would You Go to Cover Up a Murder for Your Best Friend?

They say that the cover-up is worse than the crime.

Despite the circumstances, tampering with any type of evidence (altering, concealing, destroying or falsifying) is a criminal offense under state and federal law.

When four unsuspecting people are put to the test by a loved one to see how they would react when asked to assist in covering up a crime scene, the results are shocking.

The experiment involved actors posing as police officers, as well as hidden cameras and microphones.

After being directed to an apartment building over the phone by their friend in need, each person was told that there had been a brutal incident the night before. Then, they are asked to dispose of an incriminating blood-stained shirt in the kitchen sink.

Without hesitation, they immediately scramble, trying to figure out where to hide the evidence.

But the real test comes when there’s a knock at the door and they are greeted by police.

So, how far would you go to cover up a murder or crime for your best friend? Even if we’d like to consider ourselves law abiding citizens, when it comes to protecting a loved one, there’s no telling the lengths someone would go to protect them, including lying to the police or even jail time.

The experiment was inspired by the recently launched television series How to Get Away with Murder, which is a mixture of courtroom drama, character study and soapy storylines.

Watch the experiment in the video above.